First of all, beyond the auspicious support and guidance from Dupsing Rinpoche this platform and content would not be here without the generous offerings of our wonderful sponsors and benefactors. We are deeply grateful for every single offering and rejoice in the generosity of every single of these friends. Thank you!

Secondly, and as a matter of course, more friends still have contributed in various ways, and we would like to mention them here so as to express our gratitude, honour their contributions, and invite anyone reading this to join us in rejoicing with them:

  • Gaik, Lobsang, and the Anis at KIBS, who organised and supported the wonderful events there that were crucial to Dharma-eLearning’s conception and development
  • Pema, who is helping with producing content, doing research, and translating into Vietnamese
  • Omzed Kyabney, who lent his wonderful voice to some of our modules
  • Khoa, My, and Lan, who have helped translate into Vietnamese
  • Jinpa’s family, who have been supportive in more ways than can be mentioned here
  • Kalsang, who has lent a fast internet connection when we needed to upload the first modules
  • Linh, who has been so helpful with logistics and other behind-the-scenes essentials
  • Toan and his team, without whom much of this site would not do much of anything at all
  • Michaël, who helped a lot getting on track with the website and connecting us with Toan
  • Karma Kenny, who is doing wonderful thangka-illustration work
  • and of course all other friends and strangers whose activities have contributed to the conditions needed to bring Dharma-eLearning about.

Lastly, there’s Jinpa, aka Kai, who has finally found a way to put his almost twenty years of experience and expertise in Internet and eLearning to use for something unreservedly beneficial.

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Dupsing Rinpoche

The Teacher

Dupsing Rinpoche

The 3rd Dupsing Rinpoche, Karma Kagyu, is retreat master, abbot, vajra guru to some, and spiritual friend and beloved teacher to many.


Concept & Vision

At we aspire to bring modern technology and methods of learning to bear for the benefit of Dharma students and practitioners anywhere.



Currently the focus is on providing as much breadth of content (practices) as quickly as possible. Next up is more languages and depth.



It all began, as is sometimes the case, with confusion and the need to overcome it. In this case with multimedia.