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Content modules

Currently we are focusing on bringing a broad range of practices online focussing mainly on the texts, both English and the transliterated Tibetan. We call these “form” modules, as they allow to learn the form of a practice, including the Tibetan pronunciation and chanting. (The exception to this is the Mahakala module which already goes a lot deeper.)

The next stage is going to see what we call sadhana viewer, or “conduct” modules, that allow to customize a sadhana such that selected parts will be skipped. These can be used as support when actually doing the practice. The (full) Chenrezig module is a good example for that.

The next stage will see more detailed practice supports and background learning.

In parallel to this development we are aiming at offering the different practices in more languages. The baseline language is English and the Chenrezig module is already available in both English and Vietnamese. If you would like to use a particular module in your language, please let us know. And of course if you would like to help with the translation, definitely contact us.


Attached to each module is a section for resources like audio and video recordings, pdf versions of texts, etc.. This section is only visible once there are resources linked to a module. We have a backlog of resources that we are working on bringing online. Coming soon.


Currently there is a question & answer section available for each module. These are restricted to the members enrolled in that particular module/practice. Rinpoche will answer questions posted there and the answers will be posted back into the forum so that everybody profits from all questions and answers.

Beyond this we are planning extended community (social network) functionality. In preparation for that as well as help understand the background of questions we have already implemented a basic practitioner’s profile where refuge, initiations, ngondro, and current practices can be noted.


Also attached to each module is a section for taking notes. These notes are currently limited to your own user profile. We are planning to implement the possibility to share and export them as part of the community functionality.

More about

Dupsing Rinpoche

The Teacher

Dupsing Rinpoche

The 3rd Dupsing Rinpoche, Karma Kagyu, is retreat master, abbot, vajra guru to some, and spiritual friend and beloved teacher to many.


Concept & Vision

At we aspire to bring modern technology and methods of learning to bear for the benefit of Dharma students and practitioners anywhere.



It all began, as is sometimes the case, with confusion and the need to overcome it. In this case with multimedia.



Without the contribution of many friends in many ways, would not exist. We are deeply grateful for kindness and generosity and rejoice in it all.