Dharma-eLearning Impermanence in Progress

Dear friend,

Dharma-eLearning.net is currently not working.

Please kindly visit



We created the .ru version as a clone and hosted it in Russia in order for our Russian brothers and sisters to be able to access Rinpoche's teachings despite national firewalls. Currently it looks like this was a good thing for everybody else as the site is still working where the original isn't.

Since the cloning a few years ago the sites haven't been synchronised, so your account may not work and your enrolments may not be the same.

Please kindly reach out to me at kj@ogmin.io if you encounter any difficulties and I'll try to help.

Currently there are efforts under way to migrate Rinpoche's teachings to other platforms and Dharma-eLearning may be revamped or retired at some point in the future. Until then I hope to be able to keep the .ru clone working and accessible.

Rinpoche's main website is also currently experiencing impermanence. It should be available on dupseng.org again soon. In the meantime please check out


For questions regarding this site as well as Rinpoche's activities, please kindly contact


May your practice flourish and be beneficial!
May all be auspicious!

Cheers & smiles, Kai/Jinpa.