How Dharma-eLearning became Dharma-eLearning



How it all began

In October and November 2013 Dupsing Rinpoche taught Mahakala at KIBS in Kathmandu. His student Jinpa Chöphel (being inclined to do such things) “translated” a part of the teachings into multimedia, visualizing the Mahakala mandala, an otherwise rather difficult to picture appearance. This first attempt received very positive feedback, which gave rise to the idea to use multimedia to help practitioners better understand (complex) practices, and thus, Dharma-eLearning was born: eLearning (interactive, online, multimedia) for Dharma.


Beneficial for all Dharma students

Dharma-eLearning should be of interest for all those who have no direct and constant access to a teacher or are too shy to ask a lot of questions; i.e., almost every modern student of Buddha-Dharma. People can learn and recap at their own speed as well as ask questions online that can be answered by teachers right there, with questions and answers shared among all students enrolled in the same module, thus benefitting all.

Chenrezig & Mahakala came first

Dupsing Rinpoche and his eLearning-producing student promptly began by producing Dharma-eLearning modules for the practices of Chenrezig and of course Mahakala. The Chenrezig module was right away available in English and Vietnamese, with other language-versions to be developed as conditions arise. This particular content was chosen for the occasion of Rinpoche’s first visit to and teachings in Vietnam in July 2014.


 …and the others follow

Since then we have produced and published a number of small modules for essential prayers (Swift Rebirth Prayer for Shamar Rinpoche, Calling to the Gurus from Afar, etc.).

Next up are Amitabha and Phowa as well as the Ngöndro and Samantabhadra’s King of Aspiration Prayer.

And further planned content includes Manjushri, Medicine Buddha, Amitayus, White Tara, Green Tara, Dzambhala; other practices, e.g., seven point mind training, sojong vows, shamatha; vajra trivia (e.g., images, names, systematic info on yidams, Buddhas, etc.), shrine setup (offerings etc.) and maintenance.

More about

Dupsing Rinpoche

The Teacher

Dupsing Rinpoche

The 3rd Dupsing Rinpoche, Karma Kagyu, is retreat master, abbot, vajra guru to some, and spiritual friend and beloved teacher to many.


Concept & Vision

At we aspire to bring modern technology and methods of learning to bear for the benefit of Dharma students and practitioners anywhere.



Currently the focus is on providing as much breadth of content (practices) as quickly as possible. Next up is more languages and depth.



Without the contribution of many friends in many ways, would not exist. We are deeply grateful for kindness and generosity and rejoice in it all.