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Since our content is on offering-basis without a fixed price, we are not displaying any monetary information here. Focus on what you want to learn. Offer what you want and can when you checkout. Use the “Enroll” buttons to add modules and tools to your cart. Once you have done that, the button will change and allow you to go to the cart and continue the process. Some content here is restricted based on initiations, transmissions, and teachings you have received. You can enrol here for that content just as for normal, open, content, but after you check out you will not be able to access the actual course module or tool until we have approved your enrolment. Between your completing the ordering process and being able to open the content some time may pass and we possibly will get in touch with you to make sure nobody is damaging any Samaya. In the meantime the content will still look like you haven’t yet enrolled, but if you try and do it again the system will not allow it since your enrolment is already registered and just pending approval. The Q&A forums that come with each item below are only accessible for those who have successfully enrolled in that content. Finally, after you have enrolled, you will find your courses and tools are accessible right here.

Live: Green Tara @ Singapore with Dupseng Rinpoche November 2016
Live streaming teachings on Guru Rinpoche with Dupseng Rinpoche from Singapore 2016
Medicine Buddha Retreat with Dupseng Rinpoche in Bangkok Oct 2016
Dupseng Rinpoche Vajrasattva Australia 2016
Dupseng Rinpoche in Sydney 2016
Calling Guru from Afar by 5th Shamarpa Dharma-eLearning module
21 Praises to Tara Dharma-eLearning module
7-Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche Teachings with Dupseng Rinpoche
7-Line Guru Rinpoche Dharma-eLearning Module
Teacher & Student - a public talk with Dupseng Rinpoche
Karma Kagyu Lineage - a public talk with Dupseng Rinpoche
Guru Rinpoche - a public talk with Dupseng Rinpoche
Medicine Buddha Dharma-eLearning Module
Medicine Buddha Teachings with Dupseng Rinpoche
Ngondro: Vajrasattva - Instructions & Guided Meditation with Dupseng Rinpoche
Ngondro: Prostrations - Instructions & Guided Meditation with Dupseng Rinpoche
Dupsing Rinpoche - Questions & Answers Philippines 2015
Video of Guided Meditation on the Four Common Preliminiaries by Dupseng Rinpoche
Madagma Dharma-eLearning Module with Chanting by Dupseng Rinpoche
Vajrasattva Dharma-eLearning Module
Monlam - Samantabhadra's King of Aspiration Prayers - Dharma-eLearning Module
Dupseng Rinpoche @ Philippines 2015
Phowa Teachings with Dupseng Rinpoche
Dharma-eLearning module LLP Karmapa
Dharma-eLearning module LLP Dupseng Rinpoche
Dharma-eLearning module title Chenrezig
Dharma-eLearning module title SRP Shamarpa
Dharma-eLearning module title Chenrezig