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Whether you have already offered (if you are not on the list on the left please kindly let us know and we will rectify our mistake post-haste), are considering to offer something, or are rejoicing in those who have already offered, we thank you for your intention and wish to support Dharma-eLearning by practicing or rejoicing in generosity. We deeply appreciate your offering or rejoicing and rejoice in your practice and the merit it accumulates. Supporting Dharma-eLearning as such will already multiply the effect as it will benefit many practitioners in their study and practice. Which in turn will benefit countless sentient beings. May all this merit ripen in your mindstream, and may benefits and auspiciousness become limitless.


The Dharma should be free. It is way too precious to keep from anyone. And of course it is priceless. So we didn’t put a price tag on anything on this site. Actually, we’d like to make it all available totally for free. However, there’s other considerations. One is that in many cultures free stuff is considered worth what you pay for it, which of course wouldn’t do if it were applied to Dharma. And of course the production and maintenance of this platform and its content incurs costs. But more importantly, there’s the Paramita of Generosity, or Dana.

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