Step-by-step guide to accessing the live-streaming or launching the modules

Step-by-step guide for enrolling in live streaming or other modules on
This will take you through registration and enrolment, all the way to actually accessing the content.
(If you are already registered, please skip to part B; if you are already enrolled, skip to part E; if anything else, go to part F)
A) REGISTRATION (it’s free of charge or obligations)
1) go to (you are probably already there when you read this but just in case you’re reading a copy somewhere else)
2) click on “Register” in the upper right hand corner / (on tablet or mobile it may be in another part of the dark blue bar across the top)
3) fill the form that pops up (Mandatory are first and last name, email address (this is going to be your user name, please make sure the spelling is correct), password, your dharma name (if you don’t remember exactly, just repeat your first name or enter a nickname), and the security code at the bottom) then hit “REGISTER” at the bottom of the form
4) you should now get to a welcome page that shows you your registration information and says that an activation email has been sent to your email address – check the information carefully, especially the email address, to make sure all is as it should be, use the “Edit registration info” link if you need to change anything.
5) check you email, the activation email should come from and depending on how zealous your spam protection is, it may end up in your spam or junk folder (if you can’t find the email even after ten or twenty minutes, give us a shout at so we can help, which we are very happy to do)
6) in the email you will find 2 ways to activate your account:
– an activation link, click on that and your browser will load the activation and automatically log you in
– the activation code, copy and paste that into the field on the welcome page that was loaded after your registration if it is still open; if it is not open anymore, see step (7) to login and load the welcome page, then paste the activation code and click on “Activate”; the system will now activate your account and log you in
(Skip B if you are going through the whole process, continue with C)

7) go to and click “Login” in the blue bar across the top of the page, then fill out the login form with the email address and password you have entered for your registration and click on “LOGIN” at the bottom of the form
(if you are not sure whether you are enrolled already or not, go to “my Dharma – my Content” in the menu (on the normal site that’s the text items underneath the logo near the top of the page, on the mobile site click on the three short horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner to the right of the logo) and see whether you can find the course or module you are looking for. If it is there, go to part D)

C-1) find and select content
8) go to “Content” in the menu and scroll down until you find the item you are looking for (or, if you are looking for the Mani Project live streaming, you can go to directly to , then click on the “Enroll” button directly underneath
9) the button will change to “View Offerings” – click on that at any time to complete the enrolment (or click on Enroll for other items first if you like)
C-2) Offerings
(you now get to the Offerings process, which takes a few steps on its own, more if you decide to make an actual offering, fewer if you don’t)
10) on the “Offerings” page you need to select how much you would like to offer for each item you want to enrol in. For each item you can choose from a number of suggestions or enter your own favourite amount, or choose 0 for not making an offering for the item in question. (For live-streaming courses, we strongly encourage to make an offering, as every active viewer both during the live events and later when viewing recordings incurs an actual cost for the time spent watching.)  The minimum suggestion is based on an estimated average attendance time with 1$ per hour.
11) after you have selected your offering(s) for each item, click on the button ”Update Offerings” to allow the system to do its sums, then click on “Proceed”
12) Confirm you offerings: on the next page, check your intended offerings again (you can use the browser’s back button to make changes if needed), then check the little check box near the “Proceed” button that confirms that you have “read and accept the causes & conditions”, and click again on “Proceed”
(if you have chosen a total offering amount of 0, skip to part D)
13) you will now be taken to PayPal and have the choice to log in to an existing PayPal account or “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”
(If you choose the option to “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” PayPal will offer you to create an account, but this should not be mandatory.)
14) after you do your thing with Paypal, you will be taken back to for the final confirmation of the Offering payment. Click “Submit Offering” to effect the payment or “Cancel Offering” to do just that. Until you click on the Submit button here, no actual payment is being made.
15) Acknowledgement page: you will see a summary of your offerings and payment and can go directly to the pages of your enrolled courses by clicking on the names in the table. If you click on that link you can skip step… (Or you can go to “my Content”  using the button with that name, or anywhere else you like, of course.)
(If you have bookmarked the course page, just open that bookmark, enter your login credentials if asked, and skip to step 18)
16) After logging in (see part B), go to “my Dharma – my Content”
17) scroll down to find the module or course you are looking for, then click on the “More…” button underneath
(Or, if you are looking for the Mani Project live streaming, you can go directly to
18) on the course page you can access the actual course or module, live streaming when a stream is running or viewing the recording
20) scroll down if necessary to find the “View Live” or “View Recording” button to access a live streaming or its recordings or the “Launch” button to launch an interactive module
21) below these buttons are two or three colourful tabs to ask “Questions” to Rinpoche (and find his answers), take “Notes” (that are for now only visible to you, and find additional “Resources” (if resources are attached to the course)
22) if at any point in the above process you are encountering difficulties, please drop us a line at and we’ll be more than happy to help and learn from your experience so as to improve the platform to make it easier and better to use.