Find your way around

Please begin by registering (unless you’re just curious in which case of course feel free to look around) with the link in the upper right-hand corner. That’s also where you later Login when you come back. After that the main menu will change (see below).

In the main menu you find most importantly CONTENT, which is where the learning modules and tools are.

Once you get there, us the ENROLL button next to a module in order to gain access to it. Once you’ve clicked that, the button will change into “VIEW CART”, which is the beginning of the payment process (payment as such is voluntary, you can choose any amount you want to give, that includes 0 in the CART). Once you are through with that, the most important item in the main menu is going to be MY DHARMA – MY CONTENT.

Use the LAUNCH buttons next to each course to access the actual learning modules, and the Q&A buttons to to join the Question & Answer forum for each module.