Karma Kagyu Library in Vietnamese

Karma Kagyu Library in Vietnamese


(Only in Vietnamese)

Our sister-site came online two weeks ago. The Karma Kagyu Library in Vietnamese offers texts and other resources from the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism with special emphasis on the Karma Kagyu Lineage. The site is growing ferociously and if you happen to speak (and read) Vietnamese or know someone who does, it is a very good place  to find translations of prayers, practice texts, commentaries, the life stories of lineage masters, and other resources.

In their own words (from their concept):

“With the lineage’s activities growing in Vietnam and more and more Dharma friends interested in teachings and practice, yet only understanding Vietnamese, we believe it will be beneficial for Vietnamese to have a:
Karma Kagyu Library in Vietnamese,
 online at thu-vien-karma-kagyu.org.
Our mission is to translate all texts necessary to introduce the Karma Kagyu lineage to Vietnamese Buddhists, support practitioners with Sadhana material, and support activities of lineage master who visit Vietnam.”

We rejoice in their work and aspirations and wish them all the best for their auspicious endeavour.