Lamp Offering Practice by Lord Atisha

Lamp Offering

Lamp Offering Prayer by Lord Atisha

(Download the pdf version by clicking here or on the link above. This text was distributed in PDF form at Karmapa’s visit in Singapore last year. Courtesy of Karma Kagyu Buddhist Center Singapore.)

Here is the English translation for your reference:

May the container of the lamp be as wide as one great
chiliocosm (10003 world-systems or one Buddha’s world);

May the wick be as tall as Mount Sumeru, the king of mountains;

May the butter be as vast as the great ocean of the universe;

May there be, in front of each Buddha,
a hundred million lamp offerings appearing.

May the rays of light eradicate the darkness and ignorance of the beings from the
highest peak of existence to the lowest level of the Avici Hell (The Hell of Unending Pain) and
illuminate the pure realms of Buddhas and
Bodhisattvas in the ten directions.



The brilliance of this magnificent lamp,
to the 1000 Buddhas of this fortunate Kalpa,
to those who are in the immeasurable field of perfect realms,
to the Gurus, Deities, Dakinis, Protectors and
to the whole assembly of the Mandala of the Enlightened Ones, I sincerely offer.

May this benefit all sentient beings including our parents
of this very life and throughout the whole chain of rebirth,
may they all be able to see and actualize the Buddhas’ perfect field and ultimately,
may all be inseparable with Buddha Amitabha.

By the blessings of the Triple Gems and the Triple Roots,
as well as the power of the Truth, please grant me the blessings
that whatever aspirations that I have made may be swiftly fulfilled.


Thus great master Lord Atisha composed this “Aspiration Prayer of Lamp Offerings”. He and his 18 assistant monks had never missed offering lamps and making this aspiration prayer, whenever they visited the temples in central Tibet.

May all be auspicious!

Doing this as a meditation we can practice as follows:

The butter lamp becomes solely the great
luminosity of the five lights of timeless awareness.


On a lotus and a moon, from the syllables OM and DHI
Appear 108 magnificent light offering goddesses
With their silks and their precious ornaments.

Each of them holds a butter lamp in their hands
From which emanate innumerable myriads Of light offering goddesses, similar to them.

They offer butter lamps without discontinuity
To the innumerable assemblies of peaceful
and wrathful deities
Of all the Buddha fields until the limits of space.

By the merit of having offered these butter lamps
May all the damages and the falls of the six classes of beings
With first of all (the victims of the earthquake) and the benefactors, be restored!
May all the realisations and the obscurations be purified!
May the negative karmas, the harmful acts and the veils be purified!
May the three worlds, the samsara be emptied!
May the fruit, the three kayas be obtained!
Once [the samsara] emptied, grant us the powers [of the Buddhas] and the accomplishments!

May everything be auspicious!

(Please also refer to the Chenrezig practice modules for the accumulation of six-syllable mantras.)