Mahakala Modules & Recorded Teachings with Dupseng Rinpoche

If you have recently (or not so recently) received Mahakala initiation, e.g., during one of Rinpoche’s programs on the Asian tour, you may be looking for these.

Please note that all three require empowerment and oral transmission to study and practice. After enrolling you won’t immediately see any of these courses in “my Dharma,” instead we need to specifically confirm your enrollment. In order for that to be as smooth as possible, please kindly drop us a line at and let us know about the Mahakala transmissions you have received. And of course if it turns out you can’t yet receive these teachings, we’ll refund any offerings you’ve made in the enrollment.

If you would like to enroll in more than one of these at once, please use your browser’s back button to return to this page after you have clicked the “Enroll” button for each item and arrived at the “Offerings” page.

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Recorded live-streaming: Mahakala Teachings with Dupseng Rinpoche

Rinpoche gives explanations and meditation instructions for the Mahakala practice.

Two teaching sessions and one group practice.

MINIMUM OFFERING: The longer video-based courses, both live and recorded, have a minimum offering. For the Mahakala from Kuching the minimum offering is $7. You can select any of the other suggested offerings on the offerings page or enter your own. If you have difficulties with the paypal system (or simply do not want to use it) please kindly contact us on, so we can find a solution.

May all beneficial streams flow immeasurably, may all be auspicious.

Mahakala Short Daily Sadhana Dharma-eLearning module


This module contains detailed illustrations and partial animations of the Mahakala entourage and mandala as well as descriptions of the practice based on Dupseng Rinpoche’s teachings.

It also contains recordings of the parts of the sadhana that are not translated into English and thus have to be practiced in the original.


Language: English.


Madagma Dharma-eLearning module


This “short invocation” is one of the shortest full practices of Mahakala if done as meditation.

This module contains illustrations and partial animations as well as descriptions for the practice based on Dupseng Rinpoche’s teachings.

It also contains recordings of the chanting by Dupseng Rinpoche.


Language: English.