Meet the Magic Mani Machine

Magic Mani Machine - Mani Counting app on


Following Rinpoche’s wishes and in line with his overall activities and not least in time for his birthday we would like to introduce the companion web-app for the Mani Project 2015.

The “Magic Mani Machine” web-app will be available for anyone’s convenience at (Opening in time with the opening event at KKDSKL.) It should be compatible with all current major web browsers and operating systems and has been designed specifically for mobile users.

The purpose of the app is to allow all dharma brothers and sisters participating in the Mani Project 2015 from Nov 13 to Dec 5, 2015, to

  • record your accumulations after every session or at the end of every day online
  • review
    • your own accumulation,
    • your centre’s accumulation,
    • the grand total for the project
    • the accumulations of all other participants and centers (ranked by number of manis accumulated)

Usage is exceedingly simple. Point any browser (especially on your mobile) to, and enter your last session’s or day’s count.  (When you use the app for the first time, you need to enter an email address and select your centre right on the first screen, additionally you can set a target for yourself and enter a name that will be displayed in the rankings, on the “Profile” page. From the second visit onwards the browser will remember your settings and all you have to do is enter the latest count.)

And with the app being online and available globally, Rinpoche wishes for international Dharma brothers and sisters who are familiar with the Chenrezig practice and the six syllables to join the project and contribute their manis to the overall goal.

In order for both international friends to join and connect more closely and for everyone to be able to join events with Rinpoche even when they are not held at the local centre, we are also going to live-stream (NOTE: you will need to enrol at the bottom of the page in order to join the stream; if you are already enrolled, you can go directly to the streaming page) as many of the events with Rinpoche as logistically and technically possible.

Rinpoche believes, and we completely agree, that this web app is going to greatly enhance the experience and auspicious benefits of the upcoming Mani Accumulation Project. And quite possibly help not just reach the target but actually reach above and beyond it.

The principles behind the web-app have been used in many contexts to support people in large projects and with huge long-term tasks by giving them continuous feedback on how they are doing against a target (optional), broken down into equal daily steps: If you want to accumulate 100,000 mantras in a month, you need to do at least 3,334 mantras per day, every day. If you do more, your daily target for the following days goes down, if you do less it goes up. And every day you can see exactly how much you still need to do in order to keep on track for your target.

Another positive aspect is that the app pulls together all participants by centre, by geography, and for the whole project and shows the daily progress (or lack thereof), thus motivating further to keep going, to contribute a little more today, even if there seems not enough time. Maybe to help your centre move up one slot in the ranking. Maybe to get the grand total over that next million or ten over the weekend.

Accumulation of practices is a significant part of our practice. Be it prostrations or manis or mandalas or koras or minutes spent in shamatha or vipasyana. And the only way to get to that huge number the teacher has given us as a task is to do a little bit (or a little bit more) every day. Or at least as often as possible. Which can be difficult. Daunting. But together with others, connected both locally-physically and through an online community and app, with doable daily targets, it suddenly becomes much easier. This is why Rinpoche wishes for the Mani Counter app to become the basis of a more generic, more general, practice accumulation app and an integral part of the next phase of what is currently

Following Rinpoche’s wishes we would like to share the merit of the Mani Counter and it’s subsequent reincarnation as practice accumulation app by offering the possibility of sponsorship. If you are interested please contact us for details.