Chenrezig Sadhana Dharma-eLearning module & Meditation Viewer

Meditation & Recitation of The Great Compassionate One “For the Benefit of All Beings Pervading Space”

This (pre-release) combined module (it has a minor screen design flaw, but should work OK) allows you to study and learn the text of the Sadhana, the Tibetan pronunciation, and the chanting with the recording by Dupseng Rinpoche. The meditation viewer part allows you to customise the sadhana to fit your needs (by selecting which parts to use) and then run it so that it’ll present you only the parts you need.

We have already released a “Form” module to learn the text and chanting, and that module is automatically offered to all members. Please check my Dharma for it. Enrol here if you would also like to use the customizable meditation viewer feature.

When the stand-alone customizable sadhana viewer is finished, this module here will no longer be available for new enrolments. You will be able to keep accessing the last version of this course, though, even after it has been replaced by two partials here.

Languages: English, Vietnamese