Join the 19th Mani Project 2015 for World Peace with

Dupseng Rinpoche @ Malaysia & Singapore, November 13 – December 6, 2015

From November 13 to December 6, 2015, Rinpoche and a number of his lamas are leading the 19th Mani Project 2015, and offering teachings, empowerments, and practice sessions in nine centers in Malaysia and Singapore, all geared towards jointly accumulating One Hundred Million Manis during that period dedicating the accumulated merit to World Peace.

Rinpoche would like to strongly encourage all his students worldwide to join the project and the accumulation of 100,000,000 manis. You can do so by joining the streaming and/or, if you are familiar with the practice of Chenreig and the mani, his six-syllable mantra, by contributing your manis during this time at (Joining the streaming is strictly optional, the project is open to all and so is the counter; more important is to practice and join the accumulation. That, of course should not keep you from joining the stream when you can.)

We will stream as many of the group sessions as technically and logistically possible. Please find the detailed schedule here.

For more about the event, the practice of Chenrezig and the six-syllable mantra, and Dupseng Rinpoche, please check out the official flyer here.

Between live streams, recordings of previous sessions should be available on this page instead.

DHARMA NOTES: We will be streaming some of the initiations and transmissions. Joining these streams does not confer any actual empowerment or transmission, and is intended for inspiration and blessings. Further, some of the teachings and instructions require proper initiation and oral transmission. Please take care that you have these prerequisites before engaging in these practices alone.

NOTE ON OFFERINGS: Our platform is set up in a way that you can enrol in any content for free if you choose to do so. However, since live streaming incurs significant costs for each friend joining the stream, we would like to strongly encourage you to at least offer the minimal suggested amount. It is calculated at 1$ per hour for an expected average time of joining. Feel free to enter any other amount that you are comfortable with, of course.

Please kindly contact us on if you have any questions or difficulties. We are happy to help and learn and of course can only do that if we hear from you. Thank you for your patience and support!

May all beneficial streams flow immeasurably, may all accumulations be infinite and beneficial, may all be auspicious!