Rinpoche’s Asian Tour 2016 – Recording and Live-Streaming

Dupseng Rinpoche Hanoi 2016

Dupseng Rinpoche giving Shakyamuni Buddha initiation in Hanoi in October 2016

UPDATE October 26:

The Medicine Buddha retreat in Bangkok, Thailand is about to kick off, and we’re going to live-stream the teachings and guided meditations from October 28-30.

If you are interested in joining that, please enroll as soon as possible to make sure you can access the streams and recordings when they become available. And of course for that you need to register if you don’t have an account yet.

Enrollment is open at https://dharma-elearning.net/content/?add-to-cart=3107.  For the detailed schedule and more Info (if you aren’t enrolled yet): https://dharma-elearning.net/content/. And to view (if you are enrolled): https://dharma-elearning.net/courses/live-streaming-medicine-buddha-retreat-bangkok-with-dupseng-rinpoche/.

To reflect the generosity that is making these streamings and recordings possible in the first place, we’ve decided to automatically enroll all friends who have previously enrolled in the medicine Buddha teachings from the Philippines. We’ll do the same thing retro-actively for the Vajrasattva we just completed in Canberra as well as moving forward with all upcoming live-streams that have the same content as a previously published video-course.

Having said that, of course and as always, the practice of generosity is strongly encouraged and deeply appreciated.


Dupseng Rinpoche Opening the Amitabha retreat in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in October 2016

Original Message:

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

Rinpoche is on the road again. As usual this time of year he is touring the Asia-Pacific region. This morning the tour started with the opening of the Amitabha retreat in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. All the activities on the tour are possible because of causes and conditions, first and foremost Rinpoche’s aspirations and efforts, and of course all the wonderful aspirations and efforts of all the friends inviting and hosting Rinpoche and supporting his activities.

And this time, thanks especially to the wonderful generosity and aspirations of a few very good friends, among others, Szilvia and Peter as well as Tenzin (thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!), Dharma-eLearning is able to be there for almost the whole tour. Jinpa will be recording (and later of course publishing) and where possible live-streaming Rinpoche’s teachings and activities online.

The schedule as it stands right now is:

start end place content live/record links



Johor Bahru, MY Amitabha retreat record


Canberra, AU Lecture in school live https://dharma-elearning.net/courses/live-public-talk-canberra-october-14-2016/



Canberra, AU Vajrasattva single live Enroll: https://dharma-elearning.net/content/?add-to-cart=3058View (if you’re enrolled): https://dharma-elearning.net/courses/live-streaming-vajrasattva-retreat-canberra-with-dupseng-rinpoche/



Canberra, AU Vajrasattva y/y record


Canberra, AU Lecture live https://dharma-elearning.net/courses/live-dupseng-rinpoche-on-quality-of-dharma-a-public-talk-canberra-october-17-2016/


Canberra, AU Lecture live https://dharma-elearning.net/courses/live-healthy-mind-happy-life-a-public-talk-with-dupseng-rinpoche-canberra-on-october-18-2016/


Sydney, AU Lecture live https://dharma-elearning.net/courses/live-meditation-for-a-healthy-mind-a-public-talk-with-dupseng-rinpoche-sydney-october-19-2016/



Hanoi, VN Empowerment & teachings for children record



Manjushri Retreat Center, TH record documentary



Bangkok, TH Medicine Buddha retreat live Enroll: https://dharma-elearning.net/content/?add-to-cart=3107Schedule & Info: https://dharma-elearning.net/content/View (if you are enrolled): https://dharma-elearning.net/courses/live-streaming-medicine-buddha-retreat-bangkok-with-dupseng-rinpoche/



Singapore KKBC Guru Rinpoche live


Singapore KKBC Green Tara live


Singapore KKBC Medicine Buddha live


Singapore KKBC Mahakala live


Singapore KKBC Birthday celebration live



Ipoh, MY tbd


Tampin, MY Lhabab Düchen live


Tampin, MY Dzambhala live



Bodhipath Kuching, MY Mahakala live



Karma Kagyu Kuching, MY tbd



KIBS, NP Mahakala record

The public talks will be live-streamed where the infrastructure allows that, and will be free and without extra enrollment for all members. The various recordings will be made available for enrollment based case-by-case on the usual prerequisites.

Please note that you will need an account on Dharma-eLearning.net in order to join the streamings. Registration is free of cost and obligations, but can be an obstacle if done when the streaming has already started. Please register as soon as possible if you haven’t done so yet, and if you already have an account, login sometime to make sure you still know your password.

Once more, please join Rinpoche and everyone at Dharma-eLearning.net in deep gratitude to and rejoicing with the local organizers and helpers as well as our wonderful benefactors who are making all this possible. If you would like to gain even more merit than you already do by rejoicing, and support Rinpoche’s online activities above and beyond offerings for enrollment, please kindly consider a one-time offering (click here) or a recurring monthly offering (here).

May Rinpoche’s activities be infinitely beneficial and may all your practice and its fruits flourish!

Cheers & smiles, Jinpa.

Previous updates:

October 14

The Vajrasattva retreat with Dupseng Rinpoche in Canberra is about to kick off, to be precise at 13.45 AEDT (UTC+11) tomorrow, Saturday, October 2016. Please find the schedule at https://dharma-elearning.net/content/?add-to-cart=3058 where you can also enrol. There are no prerequisites to join this live-streaming, however it is necessary to have a lung and most beneficial to have an empowerment before engaging in this practice.

October 17

Three public talks ahead on 17, 18, and 19 Oct, all around 7pm AEDT (UTC+11), and all available to all registered members without further enrollment.